I’m No Olivia Pope…

…suddenly at 10pm as I was climbing into my cold, lonely bed, I received a random text message that read: “I think about you.”

Single or In A Relationship?

Which has been a better experience for you? I’m currently at a point in my life where ambivalence is Queen. On one hand, I’m completely happy being single. I’m always reading articles that encourage “dating yourself” and “getting to know yourself,” and I think I’ve mastered it. I’m by myself close to one-hundred percent ofContinue reading “Single or In A Relationship?”

How do you feel about interracial dating?

I never knew that interracial romance was a genre until I met Jessica. I was actually inspired to write Sommer and Austin’s story because of an NFL player’s romantic life that had been getting too much media scrutiny, and the Twitterverse’s reaction to Rue (Amandla Stenberg’s character) from The Hunger Games movies. My goal wasContinue reading “How do you feel about interracial dating?”