Jessica Watkins Presents: Black Pearl by Tiffany Patterson

11238222_10152984697261732_7356977575801810189_nWalking closer, he saw his brother’s administrative assistant, Devyn Williams, dressed in a black skirt that stopped just above her knee and flared out. It rounded like a second skin over her butt. She’d paired the skirt with a short-sleeved sheer pink blouse that was tucked in at the waist. The bright color highlighted her brown skin tone. The dangly gold earrings and curls that were pinned high up top her head, with a few hanging down, drew attention to the column of her neck. Nikola found himself wanting to explore the space just behind her ear to find out if she was sensitive there. On her feet were a pair of black pumps that accentuated the curves of her legs and thick thighs. Thighs that were perfect for…

He clenched his fists. Lusting after his brother’s assistant was inappropriate.

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