Beautiful Prey 3: Phoenix Daniels

Victoria Storm is happier than she could have ever imagined. She ha11403084_10152948210641732_6233619339721498208_ns the man of her dreams in Jack Storm and a beautiful little girl. Meanwhile, Gianni and Natasha Storm are ready to welcome a new addition to their family. All is well with the Storm family until an unknown enemy with a vendetta threatens to shatter their peaceful existence, causing Gianni’s extended family to step in.

Meet hardcore, alpha male, Luca Savelli; the short-tempered, rough around the edges, Sicilian cousin of Gianni Storm. Luca, the brooding bad boy with, what seemed to be, a permanent scowl, finds himself unable to keep the thoughts of possessing a certain woman out of his head. Will he tame the woman dominating his thoughts, or will the bad boy get tamed?

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