Jessica Watkins Presents: Where Have you Been 2 – Xuri Foxx

Trinity Jackson has been through some s**t in her life. Yeah, you could say that at a point she was “out there,” doing too much and trying to grow up way too fast. But that’s a potential consequence when you’re a latchkey kid with a mother who barely acknowledges your existence. Trinity ends up catchingContinue reading “Jessica Watkins Presents: Where Have you Been 2 – Xuri Foxx”

Beautiful Prey 3: Phoenix Daniels

Victoria Storm is happier than she could have ever imagined. She has the man of her dreams in Jack Storm and a beautiful little girl. Meanwhile, Gianni and Natasha Storm are ready to welcome a new addition to their family. All is well with the Storm family until an unknown enemy with a vendetta threatensContinue reading “Beautiful Prey 3: Phoenix Daniels”

Alpha Male Week 2015: Characteristics of the Alpha Male

According to, here are 7 traits that define an Alpha male. Click here for the full article. Helpful, but not condescending. Confident, but not cocky. Vain, but not conceited. Prideful, but not arrogant. Humble, but not self-loathing. Tolerant, but not weak. Dedicated, but not obsessed. Who is your favorite alpha male? Right now, I’dContinue reading “Alpha Male Week 2015: Characteristics of the Alpha Male”