Coveted: An Alpha Male Romance by Naomi Wyatt

10426550_1412787659044212_2858913267320647490_nRoc knew that Yanna E. Hill was his the moment that he laid eyes on her. Yet, it was not until five years ago that he claimed her, but ever since, she has been under his love and protection. He is obsessed with her. She is addicted to him. This passionate couple has been living in enduring love…until now. Suddenly, chaos erupts. Roc has no idea which crime family could be behind these sudden attacks, but he is desperate to find out while he protects his precious jewel, Yanna. Meanwhile, Yanna is fighting to protect her own precious jewel: her heart. Beyond the present threat of danger, Yanna sees Roc’s closest loved ones as a threat to their relationship, and she doesn’t know how long she can continue this fight that she has been battling for decades.

With a past that can destroy their future, and a present that can take them from one another forever, will this loving couple last to see happily ever after?

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