New Book? (Synopsis)

Hibiscus Fizz

Some people fall in love. Some are Fated.

Evelyn Miller is convinced that her granddaughter, Alexandra Miller, and her granddaughter’s coworker, Dr. Ethan Stewart, are meant for each other. The only problem is, Ethan won’t make his move and Alexandra is too afraid to explore her raw feelings for Ethan. At least, that is until Evelyn arrives at her office with a pitcher in hand filled with a mysterious red liquid.

 One minute they were talking, and the next they were exploding in passion. Ethan has never encountered a woman like Alexandra before: her voice, her scent, and her taste soon begin to turn him into a man driven by lust, then a man driven by an emotion that he’d been certain that he never needed in his life.

If only she was his…

 Disclaimer: Not a story for the faint of heart. What Ethan wants, he gets.

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