Grammer…uh…”Gramm-ar” 101

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Growing up, grammar was an extremely important part of my education. I am probably one of the few people in existence who puts semi-colons in their text messages. I was born in the Caribbean, and with a family end goal of eventually moving to the States and excelling there, I had to know and master the English language (not to mention that I have parents who grew up under British rule until the early 80’s).

Naturally, when someone comments on grammar in one of my books, I immediately comb through to try to find the excessive mistakes to which they’ve referred (<—see what I did there?).

Eventually, I will be obtaining a certificate in editing as I already edit/proofread materials & would love to help new authors who simply want to focus on content, rather than syntax or semantics. Also, I think that the world of editing in Urban Fic is very underrated. Dialogue is one thing; people speak as they do. Dialogue can even be arbitrary within the right context. Not everyone will understand that.


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