Pain Lived, Love Found – Thalia Lake

Will Luca be able to break through Sloane’s emotional walls and help her let go of the pain she’s lived, and accept the love she’s found with him? Sloane Paris grew up in dysfunction. With no one to protect or help them, Sloane and her siblings survived the best way they could until they wereContinue reading “Pain Lived, Love Found – Thalia Lake”

Coveted: An Alpha Male Romance by Naomi Wyatt

Roc knew that Yanna E. Hill was his the moment that he laid eyes on her. Yet, it was not until five years ago that he claimed her, but ever since, she has been under his love and protection. He is obsessed with her. She is addicted to him. This passionate couple has been livingContinue reading “Coveted: An Alpha Male Romance by Naomi Wyatt”

New Book? (Synopsis)

Some people fall in love. Some are Fated. Evelyn Miller is convinced that her granddaughter, Alexandra Miller, and her granddaughter’s coworker, Dr. Ethan Stewart, are meant for each other. The only problem is, Ethan won’t make his move and Alexandra is too afraid to explore her raw feelings for Ethan. At least, that is untilContinue reading “New Book? (Synopsis)”

Grammer…uh…”Gramm-ar” 101

Need comprehensive grammar tips? —-> Click me! Growing up, grammar was an extremely important part of my education. I am probably one of the few people in existence who puts semi-colons in their text messages. I was born in the Caribbean, and with a family end goal of eventually moving to the States and excellingContinue reading “Grammer…uh…”Gramm-ar” 101″

Thoughts: How do you come up with your book titles?

Book titles for me are a part of the struggle. I find myself listening to song lyrics or coming through the book for something that pops out. Sometimes the title is what makes me read the synopsis in the 1st place, so I’m glad I have Jessica to help out. How do you come upContinue reading “Thoughts: How do you come up with your book titles?”

Thoughts: Dating as a romance writer…

Authors, do you think that writing romance has affected your dating scene? And not necessarily in “looking for Mr. Perfect,” but paying more closely to words or your interactions. His body language. The things you have to focus on as writer to pull the reader into the story. What have you noticed? -Alex