So…wives are not supposed to be freaks?

I touch on this briefly in my upcoming book, but this was a topic that I’d actually heard debated in detail on a morning radio show. A man called into the show and said that he’d been put-off by some of the things his wife wanted to do (i.e. freaky things), which happened to beContinue reading “So…wives are not supposed to be freaks?”

Ethan and Alexandra: 2015

“I leaned down to kiss her, sensually filling myself with her essence while draining mine in the process. There wasn’t a nook in her mouth that my tongue didn’t explore, or an ounce of skin on her body that my hands failed to traverse. My head was light, my senses heightened. My nerve endings turnedContinue reading “Ethan and Alexandra: 2015”

Jessica Watkins Presents

As most of you know, I am an independent author as well as affiliated with Jessica Watkins Presents publishing house, which means that I am part of a whole host of “sisters in scribe” writing everything from urban literature to interracial romance. Today, one of my literary sisters Xuri Foxx released her novel: “This LoveContinue reading “Jessica Watkins Presents”